Above: Some of the 12 birds entered were awarded 91 or 92 points, which Mr Evans said was ‘very encouraging’. Photo: Huw Evans


THE LONDON FANCY canary is one step closer to becoming recognised by Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale (COM) following a successful presentation at the 2019 World Show in Zwolle, Holland.

A previous attempt to get the breed recognised internationally was unsuccessful, when six birds were disqualified at the 2017 World Show (News, February 8, 2017).

On January 9, Huw Evans, vice-president of the London Fancy Canary Club (LFCC), gave a PowerPoint presentation to five COM-OMJ judges – the culmination of a 12-month campaign by the LFCC.

Mr Evans was instrumental in preparing the show standard, illustrations and information for London fancy breeders and exhibitors, all of which was presented to COM-OMJ (in no fewer than eight different languages) as part of the application process.

The LFCC’s aim is to get the London fancy recognised by COM, not only in its classic yellow and black form, but also in white and cinnamon. It also wants COM to permit lightly marked spangle-backs (which show traces of melanin in their plumage). Mr Evans paid tribute to Brian Hogg of COM-UK, whose diplomacy was crucial in gaining the support of COM-OMJ, and a white London fancy was included in the 12 birds on display.

Mr Evans said: “This year’s presentation was not without its challenges; namely being given in the middle of the show hall, with the noise of 25,000 birds in the background. The judges seemed to take a keen interest and asked lots of questions.

“There was a round of applause at the end, which I took as a good sign!”

At the 2019 World Show, 12 birds were judged in a non-competitive class and each needed a minimum of 87 points to be accepted; all 12 were awarded at least 89 points.

Going forward, the London fancy will need to be presented at the 2020 World Show in Portugal to five different COM-OMJ judges and another 12 birds will be judged. If the LFCC is successful, then the London fancy will be officially recognised and will be included at all COM shows around the world.

Mr Evans added: “I am so pleased that we have crossed this particular hurdle. Considering the breed was extinct for 60 years, I never dreamed I would be in a position to champion the London fancy in this way.”

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Huw Evans said: “I would like to clarify one part of the above report on the recognition of the London Fancy. My comments imply that the London Fancy needs only to pass the test at the next World Show to achieve recognition by COM. I should have made it clear that this is merely the next step; the procedure will also need to be repeated in 2021 before recognition can be confirmed.”