Above: The BBC has advised members to contact the IOA for specific COM ID-coded rings for native birds, such as bullfinch (example pictured) which require ring size D. The BBC says it will resume business with Avian ID as soon as the company is up and running


THE INTERNATIONAL ORNITHOLOGICAL Association (IOA) has come to the rescue of British Bird Council (BBC) members who can’t get COM ID-coded rings for specific native birds.

Since the temporary factory closure of UK ring supplier Avian ID (see News, April 15), and due to high demand, the BBC has now sold out of the following sizes of 2020 COM ID-coded rings: D, D+, G, J, R, S, T and W. (Check the BBC website for stock updates.) COM rings are year colour-coded and are essential when exhibiting at European shows such as the World Show or Golden Ring.

Until Avian ID resumes business, BBC members who require the above listed COM ID rings are advised to contact the BBC’s ring supplier competitor, the IOA.

“These are unprecedented times and some things will be beyond our control,” the BBC posted on its website. Commenting on both organisations’ cooperation, BBC committee member Robb Brown said: “What’s important is that BBC members get the rings they require. The BBC is unable to supply such rings due to the current situation and so we are advising members to go to the IOA for these COM rings until further notice. The hobby comes first and it is vital people get their birds ringed.”

IOA committee member Eddie Wells told C&AB that the organisation is willing to help the wider fancy during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “Knowing that the BBC had run out of COM ID closed-rings of certain sizes and couldn’t order any more meant there could have been repercussions since non-ringed British birds can’t be sold or shown. The IOA came to the rescue, as our supplier Coditec from Belgium is still producing.”

BBC members can continue to order standard UK 2020 brown rings from the BBC following the organisation’s advanced order of more than 30,000 rings. “The brown ring is legal to use in UK and at all UK shows, but you can’t show brown-ringed native birds in Europe,” said Mr Brown.

Just before press, Avian ID confirmed that it would reopen on May 11 with a skeleton staff of six.

TO ORDER British Bird Council (BBC) 2020 brown rings, call: 07762 250 277 between 10am-2pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Note: the BBC is currently using this temporary mobile number while the BBC office is closed during the virus pandemic. Keep an eye on the BBC website for ring updates. See: www.britishbirdcouncil.com

COM ID-coded 2020 rings can be ordered from the IOA over the phone between 9am-12pm. Tel: 01653 697 565. IOA ring orders will only be sent out on Wednesdays and Fridays. For further information, visit: www.ioa-com-uk.org

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