Above: Mel Knaggs’s top score was 94 point for a Arricciato Gigante Italiano canary

DECEMBER’S 25th GOUDEN Ring Show witnessed the International Ornithological Association (IOA) team secure a record medal count at any COM or World Show.

Eighteen IOA members sent 200 birds to the Roeselare event in Belgium on December 2-3, 2017, and came home with 43 medals, as opposed to the 2016 results: 27 medals from a team of 15 IOA members who benched 170 birds.

Medals were achieved for varieties that had not previously won for team IOA: Ian Wright from Middlesbrough took three golds and one silver medal for his crest canaries and Edinburgh’s Donald Skinner-Reid won three golds, two silvers and one bronze with his Giboso and Belgian canaries. (You can read Donald Skinner-Reid’s account of the event on page 14.)

Other notable success came from Mel Knaggs, whose Arricciato Gigante Italiano (AGI) canaries won gold, silver and bronze.

President Richard Lumley, who conveyed the birds along with Alan Robinson, said: “All exhibitors who took part are stars because without them there would be no show. For me, the outstanding exhibitor at the 2017 show was Ian Wright who entered eight birds and won five gold medals and two silvers with his team of crests and Glosters.

“Maurice O’Connor once again flew the flag for the Irish canaries and he won three golds, two silvers and three bronze medals. Overall a very good return from the UK team.”

Neil Prentice won three gold medals and a bronze for Fifes and redpolls; Richard Kendrew took a gold and bronze for his Gloster canaries; first-time Gloster canary exhibitor Adrian Short won a silver; Adam Kendall took gold with a stam of Fifes and one silver medal; and Darren Hadley won gold and silver for his Irish canaries.

One silver and bronze was awarded to Stacey Turner’s two linnets that he put into the show; Gary Mann won gold for his Fife; Rob Savage took a silver with his Irish; and a bronze went to Alan Robinson’s Mexican house-finch. Colin Patterson won two golds for a red isabel opal and white black cobalt coloured canaries; while Bob Costellow’s yellow black jaspe coloured canary was awarded bronze.

Other UK breeders had sent birds to the Gouden Ring Show via the Canary Colour Breeders Association (CCBA) (see News, December 13, 2017).

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