In the December 27 2017/January 3 2018, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, distinguished by its striking markings, the moustache parakeet is sadly less than flourishing in its native Asia, says Rosemary Low, but introduced populations have given hope that numbers will begin to rise again.


In news, we report that Tom Lewis has been singled out by the Cage & Aviary Birds team for our 2017 Birdkeeper of the Year award, for his outstanding service to club publicity.


The influx of huge flocks of fieldfare from their breeding grounds in Scandinavia to the UK each November signals that winter has truly arrived. But there’s much more to this colony breeding, berry-loving and vociferous thrush than meets the eye, says Bill Naylor.


Surrey birdman Graham Wellstead looks back to a time in his colourful childhood that was spent surrounded by numerous injured wild animals, rescues, rehomes and pets.


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