In the December 6 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, the last global parrot review took place 17 years ago, so a new study on neotropical species was of the essence. Rosemary Low shares results from South
and Central America and the Caribbean, and argues why more conservation tactics are needed to save endangered species

In news, we report that Maidstone & SECAS exhibitors were treated to a free bird photo session at last month’s London & South East Bird Show & Sale.

All avian species go through the moult, but what exactly does this annual process involve? Paul Donovan explains everything you need to know about the moult, from causes to the order that feathers are replaced, and how birdkeepers can assist their birds through it safely.

Gary Bralsford offers up his final softbill diary notes for 2017 with some thoughts on the birds for sale at Newark, feeding techniques and how his friends have fared this month.

Plus lots more, including canaries: birdroom priorities for December and no more seed on the cage floor, falconry: peregrines: the fall and rise of the world’s first-choice falcon and zebbies: with the show season over, it’s time to get that birdroom sparkling again.

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