In the January 24 2018, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, How do you cope when you’re confronted with a whole new world of birds? Editor Rob Innes ponders the question after a debut visit to South Africa.


In news, we report that an updated trainee judges programme to ensure it delivers new, confident and competent canary judges has been approved by the Canary Colour Breeders Association (CCBA).


When he first went to work part-time as a teenager at Paradise Park, in Cornwall, David Woolcock probably didn’t imagine that one day he would be regarded as one of our foremost aviculturists. Yet his status today as an eminence in the World Parrot Trust doesn’t inhibit his pleasure in the park’s marvellous free-flight displays.


Heavy feather around the vent, late pairings, weight gain and human error were just some of the factors that made an appearance during Dave Brown’s early breeding season observations. However, with a few rapid adjustments, the birds now seem to be back on track.


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