In the March 14 2018, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Les Rance concludes his three-part series on colony-breeding budgerigars with advice on wire gauges, perches and pests. For previous instalments, see February 7 and 28 issues.


In news, we report that birdkeepers may face a nightmare combination of new red tape and costs, if DEFRA plans for a blanket Animal Activities Licence (AAL) become law.


Moving on from where our birds’ Latin names first evolved, Paul Donovan next discusses the basics of classification with a guide to what’s a family, genus, species and so on.


Gary Bralsford looks forward to the spring unfolding, with news of his own ongoing breeding preparations, developments in some friends’ collections, and a reminder of the eagerly awaited Avicultural Society AGM in the Cotswolds.


Plus all of the usual news stories, features, columns and club news.