Above: L-r: judge Chris Jordan, David Allen and Andy Williamson. Mr Williamson suggested the idea at the LCA council meeting in May. On show day, fanciers will take turns to judge the class in small groups

THE LIZARD CANARY Association (LCA) is to host an “Insight into judging” experience at next month’s Classic open show.

On November 5, interested fanciers at the show in Roade, Northampton, will be asked to assess a full class of Lizards before receiving guidance from experienced judge Chris Jordan, from Tamworth, Staffs.

The LCA’s president Stan Bolton will select one of the four biggest classes to be put forward for members to judge. This class will first be judged by Mr Jordan and, once judging is completed, he will compare his winning line-up to the members’ placings.

If the experience proves successful, the LCA will look to introduce this to future shows.

Secretary David Allen said: “To make sure that the formal judging is not held up, the winner of the chosen class will be held back while the rest of the class goes to the members to judge.

“This not only gives members a helping hand when judging their own Lizards, but it could encourage them to become a panel judge. Currently, the LCA has eight panel judges that regularly judge around the country. Ideally we want sufficient numbers so that a panel judge only has to judge one major show a year.”

The LCA say the experience could also offer encouragement to judges who are not confident in explaining their decisions.

Chairman John Martin added: “This workshop will allow for an experienced Lizard judge to coach, advise and generally give the trainee a solid understanding of the procedure (including the paperwork) involved in carrying out a judging engagement.

“In order for the exhibiting side of the fancy to continue to function, experienced breeders of any fancy have to be encouraged to take up the job of judging. It can be very rewarding and gives the fancier an opportunity to put something back in the fancy. It goes without saying that if there are no judges coming forward, this will have an adverse effect on a number of shows, especially in more isolated areas of the country.”

The association will host its AGM on the morning of the show held at Roade Community Hall, Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northampton NN7 2LS.

For all Lizard Canary Association enquiries, contact secretary David Allen on 01865 452 476.

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