Above, left: the best novice and first-time L&DYCC exhibitor Gareth Fisher, who is local to the club and show. His dad previously kept Yorkshires. Right: Keith Williams took the title of best champion with this hen


THE LIVERPOOL & DISTRICT Yorkshire Canary Club (L&DYCC) show returned last month after an absence of two years – and it was a triumphant revival, officials say.

On October 19, the show once again graced Gladstone Hall, Childwall – a week before the main YCC event in Saltaire – and welcomed new faces in the novice section as well as a higher entry compared to the previous show last held in 2016.

“All the fanciers loved having the show back,” reported Brian Keenan, L&DYCC chairman. “We keep the show friendly and informal, so everyone is included, not just the winners.  They and more will all be back again next year!”

He continued: “It was extremely encouraging that new names were to the fore in the novice section, with Gareth Fisher from Anglesey claiming five of the top seven places.”

Mr Fisher’s “immaculately feathered” unflighted clear buff cock won best novice exhibit, and its two nest mates, a clear yellow hen and clear yellow cock, claimed the sixth and seventh best novice places.

The same exhibitor’s variegated buff hen took third best novice, and his variegated yellow cock took fifth best.

Both Mr Fisher and another new exhibitor Mick Allen from Uttoxeter, have joined the club. Mr Allen won second best novice with a lightly marked buff cock and fourth best novice with an unflighted heavily green marked yellow cock.

In the champion section, an unflighted clear yellow hen benched by Keith Williams was selected by judge Trevor Hardaker as best champion exhibit in a section which saw 24 more entries compared to 2016.

This exhibit narrowly beat a saddle variegated buff hen from Mr Keenan, which took the second-best champion award. Between both exhibitors, they claimed all seven champion awards; fourth and fifth best awards with an unflighted variegated buff hen and clear yellow cock went to Mr Keenan, while Mr Williams went home with third best, (variegated buff cock) and sixth and seventh best with an adult clear buff cock and unflighted green variegated yellow hen, respectively.

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