Above: April’s Zoom meeting was co-chaired by Kevin Eatwell and John Bird, chairman of Dartford Kent BS, and welcomed a tour of Sam Wildes’ birdroom (pictured) and his recommendations on keeping specialist and rare exhibition budgerigars. ‘Such meetings are a great way of keeping the hobby together in today’s world,’ said Mr Wildes


AN INTERNATIONAL MEETING held online for 60 breeders of specialist and rare variety budgerigars is just one positive outcome from the current lockdown, say event organisers.

On April 23, veterinary surgeon and budgerigar breeder Kevin Eatwell co-organised a Zoom video meeting which saw fanciers – from the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, Russia, India, Australia, Philippines and the USA – log on to watch guest speaker Sam Wildes, of the S. & N. Wildes champion budgerigar partnership, give a talk on breeding strategies to improve specialist and rare varieties.

It’s not the first online Zoom meeting Mr Eatwell has chaired for budgerigar fanciers and won’t be the last. “It may well be international meetings like these are one of the positive outcomes from our current situation,” he said. “The meeting lasted well into the night with some ‘die hards’ still chatting at 10.30pm UK time. That’s the beauty of these meetings; you do not get thrown out of the local village hall at closing time or the pub, and can have a cup of tea or glass of wine whenever you like!”

The meeting began with an overview of breeding strategies for introducing recessive and sex-linked varieties into an existing stud of normal budgerigars and ended with Mr Wildes recommending a minimum of three breeding cages so you can create a mixture of splits and visuals every year.

Mr Eatwell added: “It was an overwhelming success with everyone taking snippets of how to develop their rare varieties forward. If anyone wishes to be notified of future meetings, keep in touch as this exciting concept evolves.”

For the full report on the specialist and rare variety talk, email: kevineatwell71@gmail.com

To gain an invite to future budgerigar Zoom meetings, email Kevin (email address above) or John Bird: beachcomberjohn@gmail.com.

You can reach both on Facebook.


A ZOOM online meeting hosted by Dartford Kent BS on May 21 welcomes a talk by Adrian Terheege (see May 13 Club News, page 18 for more details). To apply for an invite, email: tp.1971@outlook.com

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