Above: The show staging and judging stands were erected along the outside of the Community Hall

AN ALFRESCO YOUNG bird competition has gone down in history for Bristol BS after exhibitors found themselves, their birds and staging locked out of their show venue.

The evening of August 10 had been intensively planned as a “lockdown comeback” by Bristol BS to incorporate the new Covid-19 regulations set by its show venue Little Stoke Community Hall, Bristol. But on arrival, things didn’t go as planned.

“August 10 is an event that will remain forever in the memories of the two Welsh judges and 20 or so members who attended,” Tom Lewis, Bristol BS publicity officer told C&AB. “Despite strenuous efforts to contact the relief caretaker who could not be contacted for the entire evening, an absolute fiasco was transformed into a very memorable, spiritually rewarding evening. We staged the first event since March 9 as an impromptu outdoor competition.”

Once the birds were booked in, show secretary Bob Allen had to complete the necessary paperwork from the back of his car. “I transport the show staging to the show from a storage garage, so I was happy to use my car as the booking-in/paperwork station,” he said.

“Exhibitors were supplied with an entry form and pen in separate bags and cage labels were easily filled in and dispensed. It was no more difficult than the usual indoor show, just different, and the weather was very kind that evening.”

The outdoor event is likely to be a one-off, unless circumstances dictate, according to Mr Allen, “as there is always the risk of escaped birds, not to say the lack of a cup of tea and a biscuit!”

Bristol BS has since received an apology from the Little Stoke Community Hall.

A full show report will appear in Club News in a forthcoming issue.

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