Above: In 2018, one of the very few UK CBSes to add stams to its classification – South East Ipswich CBS – saw three siskins benched by Mr Neil Prentice


A NORFOLK-BASED FOREIGN bird club is adding some Continental flair to its 2020 show by adding stams to its classification.

On September 27, 2020, the open show of the Norfolk Foreign Bird Association (Norfolk FBA) – to be held at Spixworth Exhibition Hall in Norwich – will welcome teams of three birds of the same classification (colour, marking and gender), to be shown in individual cages. The idea is to add a greater exhibiting challenge to the popular foreign bird event.

“Competing in a stam class was a good talking point at the last committee meeting and members appeared excited about it,” said Steve Downes, Norfolk FBA vice chairman. “Exhibiting a stam is a hard challenge – all three birds entered have to be perfect. However, I expect this class to be very popular.”

At most UK foreign bird shows, zebra finches do not compete for the best-in-show title. However, Mr Downes said the introduced stam class at the Norfolk FBA show will give all species a chance to go up against all foreign exhibits. He explained: “Stams of parrotlike, softbills, seedeaters, Australian finches, lovebirds, Bengalese finches and zebra finches will all be in the one class, and all four judges engaged will decide between them which is the best stam.”

The 2020 show is to be held in memory of John Fisher – the late, long-service club member who passed away earlier this year.

Son Steven, who is also a club member, is one of the four judges confirmed, and he will judge the foreign section in honour of his father.

Mr Fisher commented that offering a class for teams is a great way forward for this club. He added: “It is a high achievement to bench a good stam.”

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