Above: Breeding season notes are shared in West Grinstead Bird Society’s new monthly newsletter. ‘As a fan of coloured canaries, in particular the mosaic type, having waited all of last year to obtain some decent stock of clear red mosaics, l am looking forward to breeding from them,’ writes chairman Steve White in April’s offering


WEST GRINSTEAD BIRD Society is keeping its members together by sending out regular newsletters in these strange times.

“This is a first, to my knowledge, for the club to put a monthly newsletter together,” commented secretary Malcolm Parsons. An initial newsletter outlining the proposed content was sent out on April 21 and by May’s edition, breeding results, fanciers’ news and nature observations were contributed by members.

The idea behind the newsletter is to not only connect members but to keep the club going. New chairman Steve White, who produces the newsletter with the help of treasurer Dave Padwick, explained: “We are a fairly small society and the current Covid-19 situation is a threat to the club’s long-term future, since there is a risk of losing contact with some members.

“While the newsletter is no substitute for a monthly meeting, with no idea as to when we are likely to resume gatherings, I felt some form of ongoing communication was imperative to ensure the society did not gradually break up. This action could help the club to emerge in a strong position.”

It is the intention of West Grinstead Bird Society to continue the newsletters until meetings resume, offering the opportunity of support to any member if needed.

Mr White added: “One of our concerns during this crisis is that some members may face challenges catering for their birds. For example, Dave Padwick arranged for one member to get some millet when he was running low and Malcolm Parsons sorted regular seed purchases for other members. Our newsletter supplements these communications which already occur between members but serves to encompass everyone.”

Members who wish to contribute to the next newsletter, or any fancier (not just the membership) who would like to receive the monthly newsletter, should email Steve White: stevewhite2485@gmail.com or tel: 07709 237 993/01403 240 488.

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