Above: Rory O Connor (far left) with some of the Natives & Norwich Facebook group’s admin team. Founding members Paul Gilchrist and Dave Coughlan are pictured third and second from right, respectively. Natives & Norwich was set up in 2013 to promote all British, native and Norwich club shows, to offer advice to newcomers and provide a link to reputable breeders


AN ESTABLISHED native bird and Norwich canary Facebook page is to host its first virtual show this November, with top judges picking the best birds from 30-second videos.

It’s free to get involved, but you must be a member of the “Natives & Norwich” Facebook page. There is no limit to the number of bird
videos you can enter, and you have until October 31 to register your interest. A show classification can be found on the group’s page (search “Natives & Norwich” on Facebook.)

The group has hosted photo competitions on Facebook before but “nothing of this scale” and not with prizes, said Rory O Connor, one of the group’s admins. He added: “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in the cancellation of many of our shows and other events, the Natives & Norwich decided to step in.”

The show is to be run as close to a club show as possible, with the group’s admin team stewarding for the judges. Registered members have from now until October 31 to private message on Facebook the steward of their chosen section with the breed and number of birds they intend to enter [see “Show section contacts” box out].

“The steward will then allocate a number(s) for their cage(s) for each bird. After October 31, the exhibitor is required to send a 30-second video of each bird with the cage number clearly displayed on the front of the cage,” Mr O Connor explained. Results of the judging will be announced in November.

Judging the native/British/northern bird section is the Lawson & Wells partnership, while David Henderson will take charge of mules and hybrids; Chris Goodall the Norwich; and John Graydon the any other varieties (AOV). Due to the large interest in the event, additional judges have been drafted in: Garvan McGee for the Irish fancies and Paul Brown for the Glosters.

“I’m not sure if there has ever been an online show of this magnitude before; we are breaking new ground,” commented Richard    Lawson. “I hope this type of exhibition catches on and stimulates some excitement back into the hobby.”

International Norwich canary judge Chris Goodall praised the organisers and sponsors for supporting this new venture. “It’s going to be something new for everybody,” he said. “Who knows, it may be a thing of the future.”

Asked what he’ll be looking for when judging the Norwich, he said: “There should be no birds on the floor, refusing to go on the perch. Or birds flapping up the cage front, as can happen at shows.”

For more information on the group, email: paul.gilchrist167@gmail.com

Show section contacts

MEMBERS of the Natives & Norwich group must private message on Facebook the steward of their chosen section BEFORE October 31 with the breed and number of birds they intend to enter.

Section 1: Native/British/northern
Stewards Dave Coughlan and Rory O Connor

Section 2: Mules & hybrids
Stewards Chris O Connor (search Facebook for “Bull Finch”) and Christopher Jones

Section 3: Norwich

Stewards Paul Gilchrist (search Facebook for “Mac Finch”) and Dean Johnston

Section 4: Glosters, Fifes, AOV canaries

Stewards Kevin Horgan and Dominic van den Broek


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