Above: Outgoing NCA president David Paine (left) with the new president Bernard Williams Photo: Ghalib Al-Nasser


THE NATIONAL COUNCIL for Aviculture (NCA) has inau­gurated its new presi­dent for 2019/20 – British bird expert Bernard Williams.

On April 6, at the NCA’s AGM, Mr Wil­liams, for many years a contributor to Cage & Aviary Birds, was welcomed into the role by the outgoing president David Paine of the Foreign Bird Federation and Zebra Finch Society.

Barry Mills, NCA publicity officer and honorary life-vice president said: “There must be very few serious bird fanci­ers in the UK and, indeed in many other countries, who have not heard the name of Bernard Williams.”

Mr Williams has been a bird lover from childhood and has kept, bred and exhibited all manner of birds, with a special interest in British native birds, includ­ing mules and hybrids.

In addition to his new role as NCA president, Mr Williams is a founder member and current chair­man of the Staf­fordshire British Bird & Mule Club (BB&MC), vice chairman of the National British Bird & Mule Club, and com­mittee member of the British Bird Council.

He said: “It was fantastic news hearing I had been cho­sen as president after more than 45 years of work help­ing and running societies. It is great to feel appreciated and I am proud to be asked by the NCA. Sometimes run­ning clubs and societies, you feel that no one cares and you wonder if the work you put in is even noticed. This shows they do.”

Mr Williams is probably best well known for his excellent work as the show manager of the National Exhibition of Cage & Aviary Birds for 10 years at the NEC at Birmingham, including the time the show’s entry achieved its record entry of 10,000 birds.

Mr Mills added: “The management committee of the NCA is delighted to entrust its highest office to Bernard Williams, a true bird lover, leading expo­nent and loyal supporter of the hobby of aviculture.”

To find out more informa­tion on the NCA, visit: www. nca.uk.net


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