Above: Cormorant Underwater View (above): a Brandt’s cormorant (Urile penicillatus) taken by French photographer Greg Lecoeur in Mexico. This image won silver in the Photographer Of The Year Best Portrait category. Mr Lecoeur said: ‘To achieve this portrait, rather than chase the bird I tried to blend into the scenery, as much as a diver ever can, and waited for the cormorant to swim by, framed by the fish it was trying to catch’  Photo: Bird Photographer of the Year/Greg Lecoeur



A 256-PAGE VOLUME showcasing the world’s best bird imagery from the 2020 Bird Photographer of The Year (BPOTY) competition is now available to order.

The competition book, published by William Collins, features the stories behind the winning images, from shy hummingbirds to plunge-diving Cape gannets (Morus capensis), as told by the photographers themselves.

BPOTY 2020 winner Majed AlZa’abi from Kuwait, took his winning entry of a European shag (Gulosus aristotelis) at Vardø in Norway in April 2019 (below, left). He said: “I like the out-of-focus shag framing the in-focus individual, plus the bokeh [blur] of the sea as sunset approached.”

UK winners include James Hudson from South Yorkshire for his creative image of a Mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) and 17-year-old Adam Lake from Devon, who won the title of Young Bird Photographer Of The Year 2020 with his innovative use of a phone camera to capture the reflection of a mute swan entitled Seeing Double (below, right).

BPOTY organisers have decided to pause the next competition temporarily out of respect for many who have been unable to get out to take new images during the pandemic. The new cycle of the competition will launch in early 2021.

BPOTY is now owned by new conservation charity Birds on the Brink, which derives income from the photography competition. Birds on the Brink supports bird-related conservation projects conservation projects on a grant-awarding basis, using small grants that will do the most measurable good.

The Bird Photographer of The Year book can be ordered directly from the BPOTY website: www.birdpoty.co.uk (RRP £25).

To find out more about the conservation work of Birds on the Brink, visit: www.birdsonthebrink.co.uk

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