Above: Interesting mutations bred by and photographed by Trevor Mayes. Left is a black-cheeked black-breasted normal grey hen. Right is a black-faced black-breasted grey-cheeked cock. Photo: Trevor Mayes


RARE ZEBRA FINCH mutations will have a stand-alone section at the 2019 National Exhibition this October.

The proposal – to run competitive mutation classes open to all zebra finch exhibitors at the National – was discussed and accepted at a recent AGM of the Zebra Finch Society (ZFS). The new section will share the ZFS’s show manager, Grant Summers, but it will be a separate section outside of the ZFS open show held on October 6 at the Staffordshire County Showground. Exhibitors are not required to be ZFS members and cages do not have to be standard zebra finch show cages; rosettes and prizes will be awarded.

Cambridgeshire-based Larry Mann, who will judge the new section, said: “This is an exciting attempt to bring to the public something different.

“While there are many breeders of these mutations, they do not tend to exhibit their birds for various reasons. One of which is that they would be competing with exhibition standard zebras.”

The new section will not judge the birds on ZFS exhibition standards; instead they will be assessed on colour, health and condition.

Mr Mann added: “This is more like the Continental standard where emphasis is on colour. Some of these mutations can be or have been exhibited at ZFS shows by exhibitors, like me. However, there are some mutations which are very rarely bred and have not been seen by most fanciers.”

A display of photographs and posters are to accompany the new section.

ZFS president Dennis Webster commented: “There is a solid group of zebra finch breeders who specialise in mutations, but many do not exhibit. Larry has agreed to judge the new section because of his expertise in the new mutations and combinations. I hope the section is successful.”

ANYONE interested in participating in this section is asked to contact Larry Mann via the ZFS website (www.zebrafinchsociety.org.uk) or via Cage & Aviary Birds: email: birds.ed@kelsey.co.uk Section co-ordinators Larry Mann and Grant Summers would appreciate feedback or suggestions on what would encourage you to exhibit your mutation zebra finches at the National Exhibition.

Larry Mann discusses new and exciting zebbie colour combinations on page 16, May 29 issue.

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