Above: The LCA hopes to encourage more novice breeders to go on eventually to become full panel judges. Usually fanciers will need three full years as a champion breeder before becoming a panel judge, although each application is looked at on individual merit by the council


TWO ASPIRING NOVICE Lizard canary breeders can train alongside panel judges during this year’s show season, as part of a new judging incentive from the Lizard Canary Association (LCA).

Following on from the successful judging experience that took place at last November’s LCA “Classic” open show, and positive feedback from those who participated, it was decided to offer more judging experience to novice fanciers.

Training will initially be offered alongside panel judges at smaller cage bird society (CBS) shows on a one-to-one basis. After a written report has been submitted to the LCA, successful applicants will then put their new skills into practice at small rosette or diploma patronage LCA shows on their own, where they can gain further experience and later go forward to becoming full panel judges.

LCA secretary David Allen told C&AB: “Novices can apply for the scheme via myself and I can then suggest shows that might be suitable. I will then contact the judge of the show and the hosting club and, if everyone is in agreement, the training will then take place.”

Mr Allen first put forward this concept at an LCA council management meeting in May. The proposal was discussed in some depth before it was later unanimously agreed by the council. It is hoped that if there is sufficient interest from novices, the project will continue in future years.

LCA chairman John Martin added: “These proposals are intended to give aspiring novice members a good basic grounding in the art of judging Lizard canaries.

“It is imperative that newer, younger members are encouraged to take on the role of judging. Otherwise, there will, in the passage of time, be a shortage of qualified judges, which could have a serious and permanent effect on the advancement of the breed.”

Interested fanciers should contact LCA secretary David Allen on 01865 452 476.

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