Above: Richard Johnston, managing director of Johnston & Jeff, with the office macaw named JJ


THE PARROT SOCIETY UK (PSUK) and leading bird-food manufacturer Johnston & Jeff have teamed up to give advice to parrot owners going back to work after lockdown.

“If the transition back to work is not handled correctly, it could lead to separation anxiety,” Johnston & Jeff say.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), more than 800,000 companion birds were bought during lockdown and this number may have increased. Now, as lockdown restrictions ease and businesses start to welcome office-based staff back, many birds that have been used to constant human company will need to adapt to a quieter house as people return to work.

“With so many people working from home over the past year, our parrots have seen far more of us during the Covid-19 lockdown than at any other time,” commented Les Rance, secretary of the PSUK.

While the parrot will have enjoyed this change, Mr Rance added: “Spending extra time socialising with your parrot when you are at home could be the answer to ensuring a smooth transition.”

The advice also applies to owners of other companion birds. “Once people start to drift back to work, our homes will become quieter,” Mr Rance said.

Maddy Johnston, marketing and media manager at Johnston & Jeff, added: “If you know the date that you go back to work full time, start leaving the house for short lengths of time in the week running up to that day. This will give your parrot a chance to adjust to being alone and teach him or her you always return.”

Johnston & Jeff and the PSUK have enjoyed a long working relationship over the years and wanted to join forces on this particular issue to ensure parrots receive the best of care.

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