Above: The FCC Exhibitor of the Year competition will commence at the Council’s first members’ show, North Staffs & South Cheshire FFCC on October 3. The competition will come to an end at the last show, held by East Anglian FFCC on January 9, 2022


THREE MONTHS AFTER its initial formation, the Fife Canary Council (FCC) has announced its first-year plans, which include an annual Exhibitor of the Year competition to run across all member-club shows.

The FCC formed on January 22, when four officials were appointed on an interim basis until the AGM, scheduled for 2022. The FCC is an alternative umbrella body for Fife member clubs, and currently has just under 200 paid-up members across 14 clubs.

The Exhibitor of the Year award will be calculated on a points-based system: one point for class wins (two points if the champion class has 25-plus birds, and two points if the novice class has 15-plus birds).

Five points will be awarded for a colour special: best clear/best 10 per cent/best variegated/best heavily variegated/best green/best cinnamon/best allied-white (note that only the seven listed colour awards will be offered points).

Ten points will be awarded for best in section for both champion and novice.

The rules:

  • All secretaries should submit results sheet to the FCC secretary before the Wednesday following the show.
  • There will be awards for both champion and novice fanciers.
  • Fanciers can exhibit at all member club shows but only their top six results will count towards their final score.
  • The FCC secretary will compile a league table weekly which shall be published on the Council’s social media pages and sent to C&AB.
  • There will be an award for the highest scoring fancier from each Council club (outside the main awards).
  • A trophy and £50 will be awarded to both champion-  and novice-winning fanciers.

FCC secretary Paul Larkin said: “The inclusion of class-win points, in addition to the seven colour special points and best section points, will make the scheme very exciting, with more chances and more fanciers winning points.”

Other first-year plans include the  introduction of a FCC Club Person of the Year award. This will be awarded to a member in each of the member clubs as recognition for their dedication and service to the club and hobby.

Chairperson Cain Thomas told C&AB that this is a long overdue award. He said: “There are so many unsung heroes in the hobby, many of whom don’t keep birds but dedicate much of their time to their club. They deserve as much appreciation as anyone.”

Fife Canary Council member clubs
Fife Canary Club of Ireland

Midlands FFCA

North West FFCC

North Wales FFCC

East of England FFCC

East Anglian FFCC

North Staff & South Cheshire FFCC

Scottish Fife FCC

Irish FFCC

Essex & Kent Counties FFCC

Walsall FFCC

London FFCC

Vlaamse Border & Fife Fancy Club (Belgium)

Fife Fancy Canary Club Italiano (FFCCI, Italy)


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