Above: Exhibits from the coloured canary section at the 2017 Gouden Ring. See the January 9 issue for a show report and pictures by Donald Skinner-Reid. Photo: Donald Skinner- Reid


DESPITE POOR BREEDING results that meant fewer than normal coloured canary breeders exhibited at the 2018 Gouden Ring show, the five-strong UK team brought back an impressive number of medals.

Only five UK breeders sent birds to the Gouden Ring show on December 2 in Roeselare, Belgium. However, they pulled together 60 birds in total to be exhibited, of which 17 won medals in their respective classes.

Geoff Walker, former president of the Coloured Canary Breeders Association (CCBA), said: “This can be considered a great success, especially since the coloured canary section is always the most competitive throughout Europe.”

For the second time, Allan Blundell managed to find a stam of four almost identical birds – mosaic red brown pastel cocks – which won a bronze medal. He also took home a gold medal for his red black opal and his non-intensive red isabel.

A regular exhibitor from North London, George Philpot, staged a number of prize winners: he won both gold and silver medals for his mosaic red black opal hens and another silver for his mosaic red phaeo cock. Colin Patterson won a gold medal with his yellow black cobalt.

Mr Walker replicated his 2017 success by staging two gold-medal winners in the mosaic yellow agate and white brown opal classes, and added a further gold and silver with his mosaic red agate topaz hens. He completed his tally by being awarded bronze medals for his intensive yellow isabel and white agate topaz entries.

He added: “For coloured canary breeders, the Gouden Ring show gives us a rare opportunity to attend a good-sized all-variety show, as we normally support specialist coloured canary events. The show is well organised, attracts many excellent birds of all types. I would encourage UK breeders of all varieties to support the show by entering your birds and, if that is not possible, by at least visiting.”

For more information on the Gouden Ring show, visit: www.goudenring.be

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