Above: All those interested in the London fancy canary are invited to the London Fancy Canary Club’s meeting on October 24. Pictured above are LFCC club secretary Bernard Howlett with publicity officer Andy Early


AN INCREASED INTEREST in the London fancy canary has led to a call for formal club meetings, according to officials.

The London Fancy Canary Club (LFCC) is to hold a meeting on October 24 at the open show of South East Ipswich CBS. The hosting club is one of four organisations that puts on classes for the London fancy, the others being a section at the National Exhibition in Stafford, South Bucks Canary Breeders Association in Buckinghamshire and the East Sussex National at Eastbourne.

Previously, the LFCC had been run as a loose association of fanciers interested in the London fancy canary, said Andy Early, club publicity officer and show secretary. There had been no club fees and no club income. But in recent months, LFCC officials have recorded more awareness of the rare variety on social media, which has led to an upsurge in enquiries about the club.

Mr Early explained: “Now more fanciers are wanting to become involved with the breed, it’s time that there was a more formal club arrangement in place.”

The club has proposed one meeting per year to discuss the yearly agenda. Membership will be £10 a year and club badges and copies of the LFCC brochure will be £5 each.

It is hoped that secretary Bernard Howlett will be able to attend the first meeting, where he will be signing copies of his new limited-edition book on the London fancy canary, Rise of the Fancy Bird (see News, August 11).

All fanciers interested in the LFCC are asked to contact Andy Early via email: andyearly@outlook.com


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