Above: Champion Gordon Alexander with his two daughters – novice Lauren (left) and junior Rachel – at the Northern Counties SFSC show holding his since named ‘Oggscastle King Laddy’ Scots fancy cock bird


GORDON ALEXANDER HAS become the first Scots fancy canary exhibitor to give a title to his winning bird since the Scots Fancy Specialist Club (SFSC) resurrected an old show tradition in 2017.

The 35-year old champion, who hails from Carnwath, Scotland, initially named the cock bird “Oggscastle Laddy” but has since changed the name to “Oggscastle King Laddy”, by which the bird will for ever be known.

Historical records of the club reveal that it was once common practice for the winning exhibitor of the show season to name their bird with a special title, such as “Highland Laddie” or “Scotland’s Pride” (see News, April 12, 2017). At the SFSC AGM in March 2017, officials reintroduced this rule with the following criteria:

  • The owner must be a member of the SFSC.
  • The bird itself must be owner bred.
  • The same bird must win three best in shows (BIS) at either the SFSC club show or the Northern Counties show at Carlisle and two other shows at which there is competition.
  • The bird must accumulate three wins as BIS in one show season.
  • Novice and juniors are eligible for the award.
  • Members from Ireland or because of distance who cannot attend the Carlisle show or club show must achieve three wins at other shows.
  • The owner must notify the secretary of any win.

To date, Mr Alexander is the only club member to have achieved this result. He received a certificate to commemorate this achievement for best in show at the following shows: Northern Counties SFSC, the National Exhibition and Irvine CBS.

“It’s quite awesome,” said Mr Alexander, “I’m over the moon. I thought about the bird’s name long and hard and I think Oggscastle King Laddy is impressive. It’s named after the name of the street that I live on and I aim to make my whole stud known as the Oggscastle Stud eventually.”

Club secretary Ken Laurie added: “Gordon and his family are prominent exhibitors with most of the clubs in the central best of Scotland. He is a great member and is always willing to help at any show; a great example of making a hobby a family affair.”

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