(Above) motley crew: the far-travelled English and Welsh contingent at the SFFCC show… some nursing headaches from the club social event that was held the night before!


THE SCOTTISH FIFE Fancy Canary Club (SFFCC) believes its latest open show has broken the record for the highest entry of Fife fancies at a Scottish show.

Held on October 31 at Stoneyburn Community Centre in West Lothian, the show saw a total of 956 entries, of which 921 birds were benched. Club officials say that this entry has beaten the last record by more than 100 birds.

Ryan Wood, SFFCC general and show secretary, explained: “The old Scottish record was set around 15 years ago by the West of Scotland Fife Fancy Canary Club and was 803 according to a long-standing club member.

“I would credit a lot of the success of this year’s SFFCC show to the club being a member of the Fife Canary Council (FCC). The togetherness and willingness the members have shown to support all the Council shows – no matter where they are in the UK – is superb.”

Owing to the record number of birds, show officials considered finding a fifth judge at the last minute to support Mike Bell, Ian Watson and Cain and Luc Thomas. However, the show managers Gordon Murdie, Gary Wilson and Dave Green stepped up to the plate and helped to manage the eight stewards, which included five novices.

Judge Cain Thomas said: “It was brilliant to see so many fanciers from all over the county make the trip up to Scotland. The birds on show were of the highest quality, with all the top champion studs competing. The birds benched by the novice fanciers were the best I have ever judged! I don’t think there has ever been a higher standard of competition across so many fanciers. It was great to see so many different names on the top table.”

The show results will appear in Club News in a forthcoming issue. For the latest FCC Exhibitor of the Year 2021 league standing, see News page 3 (November 17).

For more information on the SFFCC, visit www.facebook.com and search for “The Scottish Fife Fancy Canary Club”.

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