Above: The Italian-made STA cage: an SFSC member brought the model to the club’s attention as being suitable for showing the breed


THE Scots Fancy Specialist Club (SFSC) has secured a new manufacturer and importer for the breed’s show cages. The club’s success crowns an urgent search for a fresh supplier, following the death of specialist cage-maker Brian Tanner.

Now, the well-known bird-product specialist Easyyem has undertaken to import the all-wire STA cages from Italy, at a price to fanciers of just £21 per cage plus postage. The STA cage is the same size as the current Scots fancy show cage, apart from measuring 21/4in (6cm) wider.

SFSC treasurer Donald Skinner-Reid told Cage & Aviary Birds: “The lack of UK manufacturers for specialist show cages has put the SFSC in an extremely difficult situation. After the untimely death of our honorary life member and show-cage maker, Brian Tanner, in September 2020, the office bearers have been trying to appoint a replacement.”

Mr Skinner-Reid explained that the club had exhausted its list of UK contacts and had become highly concerned that the cost of importing European-made cages would be prohibitive. “That includes the Dewar cage, which Scots fancy exhibitors can use, although it is smaller than ideal,” he added.

The SFSC will also obtain its own stock of the STA cages. “We will buy four of these new cages to lend out at our shows to exhibitors who only have Dewar cages,” said Mr Skinner-Reid. “This offer will be on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the show. We think we may be the first club to operate such a lending scheme to help new exhibitors.”

While the club has approved the Italian cage for the exhibition of Scots fancies, the arrangement does not preclude a manufacturer coming forward to produce the traditional show cage, Mr Skinner-Reid added.

Sandy Innes, president of the SFSC, said: “Since Brian Tanner sadly passed away, club secretary Ken Laurie and Donald have been trying to source a manufacturer of Scots fancy show cages. After six months of effort, they’ve had to give up on a UK-sourced cage and we have decided to use Continental cages from Italy. I think many varieties of canary shown in wire cages will have the same problem as us. I thank Ken and Donald for their efforts, which have been far greater than anyone knows.”

Mr Laurie commented that the SFSC’s success in sourcing the Italian cages had been a joint effort between himself, Mr Innes and Mr Skinner-Reid.

The full SFSC statement on the show cages will appear in a future Club News.

THE new cage is an officially approved cage for SFSC show purposes, although no member is required to use this new model. Priced at £21 (P&P not included), you can order the cage via the importer, Easyyem, and search “STA Black Show Cage”.

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