Above: Although owner Dillon Prest has celebrated the safe return of Burt and Daisy, two more parrots – a blue-and-gold macaw pair – are still missing


TWO PETSHOP PARROTS have been recovered alive in a cardboard box almost a month after they had been stolen from Swallow Aquatics at East Harling, south Norfolk.

A worried local customer contacted staff at the aquatics centre during the night of August 7 when she discovered, in her street, a dumped cardboard box that contained two African grey parrots. Aware of the recent parrot theft, she took pictures of the birds for staff to examine.

On viewing the pictures, bird owner and centre manager Dillon Prest was relieved to find the birds were his elderly missing pair Burt and Daisy.

On August 8, Mr Prest told Cage & Aviary Birds: “We picked the birds up this morning and other than being very thirsty and extremely hungry, they’re no worse for their horrible experience.”

Burt, a 50-year-old African grey with arthritis, and partner Daisy were two of four resident parrots targeted during a night raid on Swallow Aquatics on July 12. When the team opened up the centre on the morning of July 13, they were shocked to find both greys and blue-and-gold macaw pair Albert and Lilly missing from their aviaries in the animal encounter section (see News, July 24).

Thieves had gained entry to the aviaries using bolt cutters to cut open the security padlocks. Mr Prest believes the theft was planned, as only those birds were targeted. Sadly, there has been no word on the missing macaws.

All four birds were unwanted animals that had been gifted to the centre over the years.

“None of these animals will make good pets and none will be good for breeding purposes,” said Mr Prest. “These were all unwanted animals gifted to us and were here to live out the rest of their days.”

Anyone with information about the missing blue-and-gold macaws or sees these  birds for sale, please call Swallow Aquatics on 01953 718 184.

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