Above: Good as new: the 1970 medals will be awarded to the 20 section winners along with rosettes, certificates and cash prizes


ORIGINAL 1970 MEDALS in “mint condition” will be presented to winning exhibitors at November’s Stratford upon Avon CBS open show.

At previous shows, the Warwickshire club has awarded glass trophies, bespoke printed mugs, engraved salvers and ceramic plates, but this year’s vintage medals are for a special occasion.

On November 3, they will commemorate John Handy’s 66 years of continued membership, which makes him the longest-serving member of Stratford upon Avon CBS.

Lee Clarke, club chairman, said: “Seeing as this year’s show is a celebration open show to commemorate the society’s longest-serving member, we thought it would be very fitting to use the historic medals. They have aged just as well as John has!

“The medals are in mint condition and the majority are still in their original plastic wallets. They were awarded to exhibitors back in the 1970s, who won specials at the Stratford upon Avon CBS open show.

“Fortunately for us, a good friend of the society, Chris Green, donated a box full of these medals back to the club earlier this year that a friend of his, Martin Limrick, had won in the 70s.”

The medals will be awarded along with cash prizes to the winners of each of the 20 sections.

Mr Handy, who turns 90 in December, joined Stratford upon Avon CBS in 1952 and is still an active member. He currently keeps a stud of exhibition budgerigars.

The club’s celebration shows are to highlight the unsung heroes in the hobby.

Mr Clarke added: “They are to honour the people who help out, attend meetings, contribute to the club and support without taking on any titled roles. Why not dedicate a show to celebrating and honouring these people?”

Mr Handy’s son Jeremy Handy told Cage & Aviary Birds: “My dad is more of the behind-the-scenes person, one of those people who clubs rely on to assist in putting on shows and supporting the club, as was his late elder brother. Without such members, clubs wouldn’t exist.”

The celebration show on November 3 will be held at Bishopton Primary School, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire CV37 9PB. Tel: 01386 438 072.

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