Above: Both welcome (l-r): a colour-fed non cap gold cock Lizard bred by David Newton and a natural-coloured non cap gold cock Lizard bred by Huw Evans


FOLLOWING A BREAK in 2018, the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) “Classic” is back this November and it will be even bigger with separate classes for non-colour-fed (natural) Lizards, say officials.

At a recent LCA council meeting, it was agreed that the show would be held on the usual date of the first Sunday in November, which this year will be November 3, at the Roade Village Hall in Northamptonshire.

Ian Adcock, LCA communications officer, told Cage & Aviary Birds: “We are looking forward to a strong turnout for the UK’s premier Lizard show to compete for the LCA Founder’s Trophy, which was presented to the LCA in 1946 by Robert H. Yates.”

In addition to bringing back the “Classic”, LCA officials voted to put on separate classes for non-colour-fed Lizards on a trial basis.

Rosettes and prizes will be given to the best non-colour-fed in show, best non-colour-fed champion and best non-colour-fed novice. However, the Founder’s Trophy can only be competed for by colour-fed Lizards.

Mr Adcock added: “The provision of classes for natural-coloured Lizards at shows in recent years has proved to be a popular innovation, and more clubs and specialist societies are planning to follow suit during the 2019/20 season.

“Following a postal vote of all members, the LCA has suspended the rule requiring Lizards to be colour-fed for exhibition and its guidance to judges regarding birds that are not colour-fed. This is pending a vote on revocation of the colour-feeding rule at the AGM in November.”

This means that natural-coloured Lizards will be eligible to compete at all shows granted LCA patronage in the 2019/20 season.

Jeremy Goacher, LCA chairman, said: “This decision was taken so that breeders, judges and show organisers would have sufficient notice to plan ahead for the entire show season. Hopefully, members will consider the trial to be a success and non-colour-fed Lizards will continue to feature at the ‘Classic’ in years to come.”

For more information on the 2019 LCA “Classic”, contact the show secretary John Record on tel: 07891 988 557 or visit: https://sitekreator.com/lizardcanary

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