Above: First, second and third-placed winners of the first Stafford Aviary Competition. Left: John Hawkins from JFP Bird Care and Advice group who also represented the Pure Wild-Type Australian & Foreign Finches Facebook group. Middle: Rohan Pickup held a kakariki-themed ‘Who let the Kaks out?’ display. Right: Ron Jackson’s backyard display on behalf of Stratford-upon-Avon CBS featured a steady pair of bobwhite quail


DECORATIVE AVIARY DISPLAYS from a CBS and an online birdkeeping advice group were voted in the top three by visitors for the inaugural Stafford Aviary Competition.

The new aviary contest – to represent an organisation by stocking and decorating an aviary – was held during the Parrot Society’s (PS) Help Birdkeepers Show at Staffordshire County Showground on December 1.

Eight aviaries competed for the Best Aviary Display certificate and the £200 top prize in the contest, of which more than 500 votes were cast by the visiting public, traders and tables holders. Three bird societies were represented – Nuneaton CBS, Stratford-upon-Avon CBS and Trent Valley CBS – along with displays from online Facebook groups JFP Bird Care and Advice, Pure Wild-Type Australian & Foreign Finches, Parakeet Breeders (wild types only), and Lorikeets and Hanging Parrots in the UK.

First prize was awarded to John Hawkins from the JFP Bird Care and Advice group for his Australian finch jungle display, complete with real bamboo and extra lighting which filtered through the greenery.

Contest co-organiser Mike Roxx commented: “The red-faced parrot finches inside John Hawkins’ aviary went about their business readily picking at the millet sprays strategically placed showing very little fear, which made it a fantastic display to sit back and enjoy.”

Second place and a cash prize of £100 went to Rohan Pickup who represented the PS with a kakariki “Who let the Kaks out” living-room themed display complete with wallpaper, tables and chairs and ornaments, while Ron Jackson took third place and the prize of £50 for his mixed bird backyard setup on behalf of Stratford-upon-Avon CBS.

The three winners were presented with their Cage & Aviary Birds certificates, along with cash prizes. Mr Roxx added: “Not bad for promoting birdkeeping and their chosen clubs!”

More fantastic display aviaries are expected at the July 2020 Stafford Aviary Competition to be held at the PS Summer Show. If you’d like to take part, please email: mike-roxx@theparrotsocietyuk.org

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