Above: With his expert knowledge on softbills and nectar feeders (especially hummingbirds), Geoff Gradwell was able to establish birds that were previously impossible to keep


THE NATIONAL COUNCIL for Aviculture (NCA) has added three fanciers to its prestigious Roll of Honour, which recognises the outstanding achievements of living birdkeepers.

The Scottish Bengalese Fanciers Association nominated Geoff Gradwell; the Canary Council (CC) for David Allen; and the North East Lizard Canary Club for Sandy Innes – all of which the NCA unanimously approved.

Mr Allen is a founder member of the Blue Lizard Canary Club and secretary of the Lizard Canary Association. He is an active fancier in promoting the Lizard breed, particularly at the National Exhibition. He said: “It has been a pleasure to talk and meet so many people who want to know more about the Lizard canary.”

Mr Gradwell has kept and exhibited foreign birds for 57 years and has had many successes at both the British & Scottish Nationals. “In 57 years of birdkeeping I have always given 100 percent, whether it be trying to establish a difficult species or on the exhibition side. It feels that with this award, it was all worth it. To say I am delighted is an understatement,” said Mr Gradwell.

Mr Innes is a past secretary of the Scottish Lizard Canary Association and chairman of the Scots Fancy Specialist Club. He is also a regular exhibitor in both Scotland and the North East. He commented: “I really feel honoured to be added to the Roll of Honour list. I did not realise that many people within the NCA were aware of me. It is a great privilege that Lizard canaries are being recognised in this way.”

Barry Mills, NCA publicity officer and chairman of the CC, added: “The NCA is proud to recognise the service of birdkeepers to the fancy in many roles, from loyal club members stewarding and catering at shows, to specialist breeders of exhibition birds or rare varieties, holders of club offices, local, national and international judges, conservationists and genuine bird lovers who have contributed to the hobby of birdkeeping.”

● For a full NCA management committee meeting report, see Club News, January 16 and 23 issues.

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