Above: a BS-approved Trespa show cage


ORDERS FOR MORE than 500 Trespa show cages have been placed, since Budgerigar Society (BS) president Phil Reaney announced a special deal to benefit budgerigar clubs and individuals.

Mr Reaney, who accepted the BS chain of office on June 29, explained the advantages of the Trespa plastic cage as an alternative to the standard budgerigar show cage in our June 16 issue. Having secured a deal with German company OESIG to supply the new cages throughout the UK, Mr Reaney proposed that if clubs place orders from their members in multiples of 12 cages, the club will get a cage free of charge which they can raffle or auction.

The deal has been a success with fanciers, says Mr Reaney, with more than 500 cages ordered to date. The first palette  containing 102 Trespa show cages is with Mr Reaney, who has delivered 100 to customers already. Cages are complete with ivorine labels affixed.

However, Mr Reaney has experienced delays with the cage manufacturer, as well as transportation issues.

He explained: “Transport on the Continent is in chaos and there is a struggle to move the massive backlog of orders due to Covid. If people are considering these cages, I suggest they order well in advance.”

A further issue Mr Reaney has faced is material availability. He said: “Speaking recently to Michael Weiss, the show-cage manufacturer, there is a problem with delivery of the black -and-white panels which the show cages are made from. He ordered in February and has been chasing it, but now has been told stock will hopefully be delivered in three weeks’ time when he can then commence production of the next 300 cages.”

The majority of orders have come from budgerigar clubs. Current orders show that clubs have taken two approaches to the deal. “Some clubs will obtain the free cage for auction or raffle, whereas smaller clubs have divided the cost of 12 cages by 13 cages, so it’s slightly cheaper for the members,” said Mr Reaney. “One way or another, that’s more than £1,000 going back to the grassroots of the hobby.”

He said  he expects another surge of orders next year in time for the show season.


How to get yours

ORDERS can be placed by contacting Phil Reaney on 07970 880 990 or email: reaney2514@gmail.com A confirmation order number will be given.


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