Above: Stan Bolton (right) received his Roll of Honour certificate from Keith Barker, the NCA’s CBS liaison officer, at the end of 2019. Mr Baker has taken the NCA display banner (seen in the background) to all shows he has attended in 2019 and this year he will have supplies of badges and information booklets


TWO LONG-SERVING CONTRIBUTORS to the canary fancy – in the Lizard and old & rare varieties – have been honoured in the 2019 National Council for Aviculture’s (NCA) Roll of Honour list.

The nominations for Stan Bolton and Kevin McCallum came from the North East Lizard Canary Club (NELCC) following 25 years’ service both as active members, officials and exhibitors. The NCA unanimously accepted the two fanciers on to its prestigious list at the end of 2019 for “an exceptional contribution to the fancy, which is internationally recognised”.

Known for his commitment to the hobby spanning more than 50 years, in particular to the Lizard canary fancy, Mr Bolton has had a long involvement in many clubs, including the NELCC, as an official over many years.

Mr McCallum is a COM judge and old varieties expert and is well known as the current secretary of the Old Varieties Canary Association.

“To be accepted onto the NCA’s Roll of Honour, you have to display exceptional achievement within the world of aviculture over an extended career,” said Barry Mills, NCA publicity officer.

“In Stan’s case, he has been an exemplar in the promotion of canary breeding and exhibition for more than 50 years. Kevin is largely responsible for the sustained and indeed recently increasing popularity of the rare breeds in the UK and was a staunch colleague and friend of the late Brian Hogg, who shared his love of these breeds and worked hard to extend their numbers at the National Exhibition.”

Champion Lizard breeder Mr Bolton, from Cambridgeshire, has bounced back following a horrifying incident involving mite spray in 2016 where he lost almost all of his stud (see News, May 11, 2016).

He thanked the NCA for giving him this honour and said: “Although I’ve managed to get birds win specials at shows, including best Lizard at the LCA Classic in 2017, I lost 82 birds in 2016 which left me with just a sick three-year-old hen and a 27-day-old chick. I’m still not back to the quality I had before this disaster but hopefully this year’s youngsters will put a smile back on my face. From me and my wife Bhorn, I would like to thank all the Lizard breeders who have helped me since that horrible Saturday evening.”

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