Above: a former winner at a Midland YCC show: a green marked buff cock. At this year’s National, awards will be presented to best Yorkshire, best champion, best novice, best junior and best white exhibits. Photo: Steve Dominey


THE Yorkshire Canary Club (YCC) has stepped in to fill the gap for Yorkshire canaries at the Parrot Society’s (PS) National Exhibition (NE) this October.

In recent years, Yorkshires have been absent from the NE, held annually at the Staffordshire County Showground, with previous attempts failing to hit target figures.

In October 2017, the YCC sent a formal application to the PS to run a Yorkie section at this year’s National. The document was co-signed by YCC chairman Steve Edmond and YCC secretary/treasurer Keith Williams and backed by Canary Council (CC) chairman Barry Mills (see News, October 18, 2017).

A handful of birds were benched in 2014, but with no Yorkie section from 2015-2017, it has been three years since every major canary variety has contributed to the largest exhibition in the UK.

Under PS rules, to run a section at the NE, either a specialist Yorkie club or a minimum of three Yorkie fanciers from the same club (ideally) are required.

Barry Mills told Cage & Aviary Birds that the YCC’s request was “warmly welcomed by all clubs present”. He added: “It is difficult to know how many Yorkie fanciers will take up the challenge so early in the show season, but we hope that a good number will make the effort. Champion exhibitor Bill Mayne, of Staffordshire, will be show manager and his stewards will be myself and Steve Edmond.”

In this first year the classification will be adapted to 30 classes. The YCC say if numbers increase in future years, this will be extended to the full 62 classes of a standard open show classification.

Officiating the exhibits will be well-known international Yorkshire canary judge, Terry Salt, from the West Midlands. He has championed Yorkshires at the NE for numerous years, most notably in 2015 as show secretary of the Midland Yorkshire CC.

He supported the CC’s pledge, led by Brian Hogg, to have every variety at the event and aimed high with 100 Yorkies. But the section was later cancelled with officials stating that a late moult and few Yorkies being bred scuppered a decent entry figure.

Mr Salt said: “The National is the place Yorkshires should be shown at. I urge all breeders to come and support this section. I’d be happy to see 50-100 exhibits.”



THE 2018 National Exhibition will be held on October 7 at Stafford County Showground, Stafford ST18 0BD.

Yorkie entries to show secretary Barry Mills, 14 Shelley Drive, Dronfield, Derbyshire S18 1NF. Tel: 01246 498 504.

For a classification, schedule and entry form, send a SAE to Mr Mills or download from: www.yccuk.com

No charge for entries.

Closing date for entries is September 29.

Exhibitors must buy an early entry wristband when submitting their entry form.

Birds accepted October 6 from 5-7pm and October 7 from 7.30-9am.


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