Owls & raptors

  • Memories of Mica

    Memories of Mica

    15th November 2018

    Photo: Graham Wellstead. Mica, Graham’s red-tailed hawk, out of the aviary and on the perch, ready to start training   Just like her namesake, Mica the red-tailed hawk was always going to be special to Graham Wellstead. In the first of two…

  • Contrasting ‘eared’ owls

    Contrasting ‘eared’ owls

    3rd October 2018

    Photo: is it something we said? The long-eared owl (pictured) and short-eared owl’s ears are, in fact, located on the side of the head and what we see on top is merely the ‘tufts’, which can be lowered and raised.…

  • Conservation in the Cambridge countryside

    Conservation in the Cambridge countryside

    24th August 2018

    Photo: Susie Kearley. Staff and volunteers give numerous visitor talks on owls and birds of prey throughout the day   On a bright summer’s day, Susie Kearley and her husband took a trip to Cambridgeshire’s Raptor Foundation – which alongside caring…

  • Spellbound by the snowy

    Spellbound by the snowy

    7th August 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/Jim Cumming. Graham was delighted to be welcomed to Canada by a wild snowy owl   When Graham Wellstead was met coming off an aeroplane in Canada by a snowy owl, it got him thinking about one of…

  • Spectacled Owl: The scariest stare on earth?

    Spectacled Owl: The scariest stare on earth?

    16th January 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/Through Christy’s Lens. Spectacled owl: the strong white ‘eyebrows’ emphasise the luminous yellow irises to produce an exaggeratedly penetrating stare. Bill Naylor introduces the spectacled owl, a beautiful if ferocious predator from the tropical regions of the New World. OUT of…

  • Harris hawks: A change of heart

    Harris hawks: A change of heart

    16th January 2018

    Photo: Laura Keens. Graham with a Harris hawk near the Cage & Aviary Birds offices. After a total lack of interest at first, he now calls it ‘both the best and worst thing that has happened to English falconry’. Following on…