Owls & raptors

  • Feather by Feather

    Feather by Feather

    30th November 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/TashaBubo. Male kestrel   Former British birdkeeper Jarrod Cotter looks at the kestrel, familiar for its ability to hover while hunting for prey   THE kestrel is perhaps our most familiar bird of prey, because it is so frequently…

  • Memories of Mica

    Memories of Mica

    15th November 2018

    Photo: Graham Wellstead. Mica, Graham’s red-tailed hawk, out of the aviary and on the perch, ready to start training   Just like her namesake, Mica the red-tailed hawk was always going to be special to Graham Wellstead. In the first of two…

  • Contrasting ‘eared’ owls

    Contrasting ‘eared’ owls

    3rd October 2018

    Photo: is it something we said? The long-eared owl (pictured) and short-eared owl’s ears are, in fact, located on the side of the head and what we see on top is merely the ‘tufts’, which can be lowered and raised.…

  • Conservation in the Cambridge countryside

    Conservation in the Cambridge countryside

    24th August 2018

    Photo: Susie Kearley. Staff and volunteers give numerous visitor talks on owls and birds of prey throughout the day   On a bright summer’s day, Susie Kearley and her husband took a trip to Cambridgeshire’s Raptor Foundation – which alongside caring…

  • Spellbound by the snowy

    Spellbound by the snowy

    7th August 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/Jim Cumming. Graham was delighted to be welcomed to Canada by a wild snowy owl   When Graham Wellstead was met coming off an aeroplane in Canada by a snowy owl, it got him thinking about one of…

  • Spectacled Owl: The scariest stare on earth?

    Spectacled Owl: The scariest stare on earth?

    16th January 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/Through Christy’s Lens. Spectacled owl: the strong white ‘eyebrows’ emphasise the luminous yellow irises to produce an exaggeratedly penetrating stare. Bill Naylor introduces the spectacled owl, a beautiful if ferocious predator from the tropical regions of the New World. OUT of…

  • Harris hawks: A change of heart

    Harris hawks: A change of heart

    16th January 2018

    Photo: Laura Keens. Graham with a Harris hawk near the Cage & Aviary Birds offices. After a total lack of interest at first, he now calls it ‘both the best and worst thing that has happened to English falconry’. Following on…

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