• Psittacine progress

    Psittacine progress

    22nd June 2018

    Photo: Les Rance. A cock Pennant’s waiting patiently for his hen to hatch   Turks going great guns, Pennant’s promising, kings not off the mark yet: an absorbing season so far for Les Rance   HAVING written three short articles about…

  • Our Alexandrine adventure

    Our Alexandrine adventure

    12th June 2018

    Photo: © LiQiang. Alexandrine pair When Canadian birdkeeper Peter Mostert was asked for help in rehousing a mixed collection of Alexandrines and other parrot-like birds, he couldn’t resist the challenge YOU never know what’s going to happen when you answer the phone.…

  • ‘Variety is the  spice of life’

    ‘Variety is the spice of life’

    18th May 2018

    Photo: Dot Schwarz. Pellets, seeds, fruits, vegetables… the possibilities of what we can offer our parrots are extensive! Just ensure they have a good balance of all four to keep in top condition, advises Dot.   DOT SCHWARZ concludes her…

  • My rosy outlook

    My rosy outlook

    3rd May 2018

    Photo: Les Rance. Australian king parrots in Les’s outdoor aviary. This year, Les has paired two hens, which are both two years old, with adult cocks, so is hopeful for good results   Les Rance concludes his three-part series on his…

  • 2018 breeding focus

    2018 breeding focus

    11th April 2018

    Photo: Les Rance. Cock turquoisine. Les will focus on this grass parakeet during this year’s season.   In the first of this three-part series on his aims for this year’s breeding season, LES RANCE discusses his different plans for his…

  • Nutrition: what’s best for our birds?

    Nutrition: what’s best for our birds?

    12th March 2018

    Photo: Dot Schwarz. Self service: a bit of surreptitious snacking caught on camera in Dot’s kitchen DOT SCHWARZ discusses the pros and cons of pelleted diets and seed mixtures in the first of three articles on parrot diets. WHEN Artha grey…

  • The fig-eating extrovert from Mexico

    The fig-eating extrovert from Mexico

    26th February 2018

    Photo: © Keel-billed toucan: also known as the sulphur-breasted or rainbow is native to Central and South America  From Hidalgo to the Spanish Main, the sulphur-breasted toucan croaks its raucous ‘song’… and in collections its popularity is much wider than that.…

  • Parrots: At home in Paradise

    Parrots: At home in Paradise

    22nd January 2018

    Photo: Paradise Park. Palawan peacock-pheasant (Polyplectron napoleonis): a male displays to a prospective mate. Paradise Park houses numerous non-psittacine birds, as well as some superb mammals When he first went to work part-time as a teenager at Paradise Park, in…

  • Parrots stolen while owner holidays abroad

    Parrots stolen while owner holidays abroad

    16th January 2018

    Photo: Ray Piper. The breeding pair of Australian king parrots were not ringed, as Mr Piper did not plan to exhibit them. Nothing else was missing from the property, so he believes the thieves came prepared and brought a cage or…

  • Beautiful parrots: the moustache parakeet

    Beautiful parrots: the moustache parakeet

    2nd January 2018

    Photo: Tony Tilford. Striking: the moustache parakeet occurs in South and South-East Asia, although extensive trapping has led to a rapid decline in some of its range Distinguished by its striking markings, the moustache parakeet is sadly less than flourishing in…