In the February 7 2018, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, greenfinches run in the family for Mark Jones, who here looks back over the influential breeder/showmen who shaped the exhibition bird – and salutes the top exponents of today.


In news, we report that an Irish native bird breeder will be aiming for a hat trick in 2019 after his goldfinch cock won the best-in-show title for a consecutive year in Cork.


In the first of a three-part series on colony budgerigars, Les Rance discusses how he came to buy a small flock of these small parakeets, and how swiftly they settled down to breeding.


The desk-type softbill cages Austin Middlemiss had ordered took longer to arrive than anticipated, due to an unfortunate accident suffered by the proprietor of the cage-making company he had chosen.


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