In the October 10, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Bill Naylor shares his experience of jays in the aviary and in the wild, where they are heard more than seen.


In news we report that a new chairman is to be elected for the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) after John Martin resigned from the post following more than 10 years’ service, and we also provide an update on Newcastle Disease and why all exhibitors to bird gatherings and shows must sign a declaration to confirm their birds have not been outside of the UK within the past 21 days.


Is breeding exhibition budgerigars a lottery? No – in one sense, nothing could be less arbitrary, says David Turner. But the analogy between commercial lotteries and the exhibition fancy is worth thinking through, even so.


Brian Keenan offers a recent example to show that canary line-breeding following an outcross can produce good results in a couple of seasons. And you don’t have to be breeding budgies!


Austin Middlemiss says that the first step towards deciding which of his young song thrushes to keep and which to let go had to be getting DNA tests done. He reports on the process.


Plus all of the usual news stories, features, columns and club news.