In the September 12, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, in a beauty contest among bird families in the Old World Tropics, the dazzling pittas would do extremely well… if they actually showed themselves to the judges, that is! Despite their showy plumage, these are among the shyest species on earth. Yet in an aviary setting, given suitable management, they can make magical subjects. Bill Naylor reports


In news, we report that fanciers have less than one week to take advantage of the free bird entry to this year’s much-anticipated Budgerigar Society (BS) Club Show.


In the first of several interviews with Gloster fanciers around the world, Norman Wallace talks to New England fancier Regina McCarthy about her fantastic commitment to this variety


Bob Baggs has catered for many species coming to feed from the bird tables he has installed over the years in his garden – but when the bigger birds were preventing the smaller seedeaters from getting their fair share, he decided that something had to be done


David Alderton considers the sometimes controversial world of colour mutations, and predicts the next trend we will see


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