In the November 14, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, just like her namesake, Mica the red-tailed hawk was always going to be special to Graham Wellstead. In the first of two articles, he discusses her early training.


In news, the City of Bath Bird Breeders Society (City of Bath BBS) turns 90 next year and to commemorate its special anniversary, limited edition one-off calendars will be gifted to supporters. We also report on recent research into a genus of colourful Neotropical birds suggests that a particular muscle has influenced the evolution of four distinct species.


Fred Wright continues his practical series on breeding out budgerigar imperfections with a look at the cap, width and shoulder.


A trip to Naples has Donald Skinner-Reid musing over the vagaries of the canary fancy, but loving the ruins!


Sometimes an unconventional approach can pay off, as Geoff Gale found when he tried breeding the rare pale-headed peach-face mutation lovebirds , with some interesting results.


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