In the January 2, 2019, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, we ask what could be simpler than the plumage pattern of a cock bullfinch? Well, the closer Jarrod Cotter looks, the more beautiful detail is revealed, feather by feather.


In news, despite poor breeding results, we report that the five-strong UK team brought back an impressive number of medals from the 2018 Gouden Ring show, and we look back on the headlines that hit our news pages in the second half of 2018.


Serious about improving your Border canary stud? You must aim to boost one or more features every year, says Malcolm Barnett, while ensuring you aren’t over-reliant on smart-alec pairings.


Dr David Waugh reports how women’s groups and prison inmates are uniting to draw attention to the plight, in its native range, of the Critically Endangered Philippine cockatoo.


It’s the month for New Year’s resolutions! But don’t just think about trying to lose a bit of weight, says budgerigar breeder Jon Ashby– make your priority the continual addition of tweaks and minor adjustments to your management, which will add up to a significant improvement each year.


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