In the March 14 2018, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Dot Schwarz discusses the pros and cons of pelleted diets and seed mixtures in the first of three articles on parrot diets.


In news, we report that history has been made in Staffordshire after Fife breeder Jimmy Roberts secured North Staffs & South Cheshire Fife FCC’s first ever hat-trick win.


We only get one start in the birdkeeping hobby, and none of us ever gets everything right. Here Sam Wildes shares his own ‘I wish’ list of stuff he’d like to have been told as a beginner.


The experienced canary judge Ernesto Gracia was privileged to be part of the Cesena show, and here presents the first of three articles that reflect on the show, the European exhibition fancy, and Britain’s part in it.


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