In the May 16, 2018, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Geoff Gradwell’s exotic bird collection was going from strength to strength, particularly in the exhibition world, but his life took a new turn when a catastrophic event changed everything seven years after he first took up birdkeeping


In news, we report that Birdworld has unveiled its extended daily timetable for a special Cage & Aviary Birds readers’ day on June 16.


Dot Schwarz concludes her three-part series on parrot nutrition (see March 14 and April 18 issues) with thoughts on sprouting seeds, human foods and wild parrots’ palates


Once rifles became accurate enough to shoot birds, the art of falconry understandably fell into neglect. Its revival, both in this country and in America, was a labour of love by a few committed individuals. Graham Wellstead tells the story, in the first of two articles


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