In the November 21, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Bill Naylor hails that cracking little thrush, the redwing, which swarms to Britain every year from its Continental base.


In news, we report that UK birdkeepers no longer need to sign a “21-day” declaration with regards to Newcastle Disease after the government relaxed the risk level from medium to low, and find out about an unknown bird spotted in Pennsylvania, US, which is in fact, an extremely rare three-species hybrid.


How has South African budgie man Cedric Aron brought his stud forward so much, largely in the absence of recent outcrosses? Fred Wright visits, inspects – and is impressed. He reports his findings in this issue.


Garden set-ups can be lovely to look at, but ensuring your birds are kept safe from harm from unwanted predators and pests is definitely up there on the list of priorities. And, as Dave Brown hears from this week’s birdkeeping panel, we aren’t only talking about rodents and mite: there are a lot of other beasties to be kept at bay.


Imitating the wild: we don’t want to turn our homes into a jungle, do we? Not exactly, says Dot Schwarz, but a knowledge of wild-bird habits is definitely relevant to life with our companion parrots.


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