In the November 28, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, former British birdkeeper Jarrod Cotter looks at the kestrel, familiar for its ability to hover while hunting for prey.


In news, we find out why a captive-bred Regent honeyeater‘s success in attracting a wild female mate has been hailed as a sign that an Australian conservation programme is making real headway, and we report on a Gravesend resident who was given a 28-day curfew and ordered to pay costs of £300 plus £85 victim surcharge after pleading guilty to possessing wild birds and using bird lime.


Fred Wright continues his series on dealing with budgerigar faults by passing on some expert advice on improving the colour of lutinos and sorting out missing flights and tails.


Steve Dominey reports on the latest show put on by the Edremit Yorkshire Canary Club and explains the formula that the club has put into place to ensure it is one of the most popular shows of Yorkshire canaries in the world!


There has rarely been a dull moment with Ray Holland’s two chattering yellowbills: strange cuckoo-like birds from Africa, which sound and smell equally odd! But for character and activity, Ray reckons they take some beating.


Plus all of the usual news stories, features, columns and club news.