In the October 3, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, we find that the long-eared and short-eared owls might look like close cousins, yet they differ profoundly in character, behaviour and habitat. Graham Wellstead introduces two species most of us don’t see often enough!


In news, we find out about a Dartford-based budgerigar club which could be made official next month, and report on seven blue tits and great tits that have died at a Sussex nature reserve after bird feeders and nearby vegetation were laced with birdlime.


Following his article on August 1, Norman Wallace continues to discuss the important role of yellow-feathered birds in building a quality stud of Gloster canaries.


Recessive pieds and crests have both been making their mark in Sam Wildes’s birdroom this year. But how has the season gone so far and what are Sam’s plans for the future?


Dot Schwarz concludes her two-part series on errors in parrot-keeping with thoughts on being observant, harnesses and spontaneous behaviour. For part one, see last week’s issue.


Plus all of the usual news stories, features, columns and club news.