In the October 24, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Avicultural Society (AS) chairman Nigel Hewston explains how the society aims to both encourage the establishment of viable stock and celebrate the thrill of a breeding ‘first’.


In news, avian veterinary specialist Dr Kevin Eatwell reports that Avian Tuberculosis (TB) has been identified as a potential threat to budgerigar studs, and we find out that one of the most prolific egg collectors in recent times has pleaded guilty to five charges relating to the taking and possession of almost 5,000 wild bird eggs in Norfolk.


This year at Doncaster made it eight Budgerigar Society Club Shows in succession for Jon Ashby – and he reckons it was his best so far. In this week’s issue, he guides us round some of the highlights.


Pairing pointers: Ivan Chapman explains buff feathering and the pairings that produce intensive and non-intensive feather coloured canaries.


With winter looming, Bill Naylor advises on those aviary jobs that you simply mustn’t neglect in order to withstand whatever the season throws at your set-up. The good news is that now is a perfect time to get creative with the aviary, too


Plus all of the usual news stories, features, columns and club news.